Web Marketing Solutions That Work

Why do some web marketing solutions work and some do not?


What is often presented as a web marketing solution is sold in such a way that it appeals to the strong desire most have to build a successful home-based-business. Everyone knows about the power of the internet and believe that the web marketing solutions they are offered will somehow enable them to harness that power.

However, one fundamental principle is often missing. What is it?


Web marketing is no different than any other method of marketing. To be an effective solution it must target the right market.

For example, suppose you are marketing an anti-aging face cream. Do you think that an email blast going out to a list that is composed almost entirely of men between the ages of 18 and 35 will be very effective? NOT likely.

You may find a service online that can generate massive hits to your website. But if the people landing there are not looking for what you offer what good does THAT accomplish?

People are looking for solutions to problems. The marketers job, whether online or offline, is to identify WHO has the problem for which they have a solution. Then, and only then, can they present an effective offer.

With so many of the web marketing solutions touted on the internet the ability to TARGET your market is lacking.

It is NOT understanding the fundamentals of marketing that causes most who get involved in network marketing companies to fail.

Marketing is really the fundamental skill that is needed to build ANY business successfully.

You can learn more about developing good marketing skills by going here.

, Allen Jensen: Allen Jensen became an entrepreneur at an early age. He started his first business in 1976 at the age of 17, while in the eleventh grade of high school. He operated that business until retiring in 2008 at the age of 49 and turning the reins over to his son. He has started a number of highly successful businesses over the years. Today he trains others on marketing and building successful businesses of their own.